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Child Support

Child Support Attorney In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Initial Child Support Determination

In Pennsylvania, child support is determined by the statewide Rules of Civil Procedure and, most specifically, by using a formula commonly referred to as the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. Provisions within these Guidelines change from year to year and, therefore, consulting with a family law attorney like Mary Margaret Boyd, who is trained in the technicalities of the law and up to date on the ongoing changes, is prudent in order to protect your rights, either as the obligee entitled to receive child support or as the obligor required to pay child support.

The right to child support begins on the day your file a complaint for support with the Domestic Relations Section of the Court of Common Pleas. If you delay in filing the complaint for support, you will not recover any support that might have been owed prior to the date you file.

In determining the child support amount, in addition to the amount pursuant to the Basic Child Support Schedule, many factors are taken into consideration, such as extracurricular activities, daycare costs, medical insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical expenses, and private school tuition. Further, a spouse living in the former marital residence may be eligible for what is known as a “mortgage deviation” contribution. Other factors to consider that affect the child support amount are substantial, shared, or split physical custody.

Attorney Mary Margaret Boyd has more than 32 years of family law experience and in assisting parents with child support orders. The skill of an experienced Pittsburgh family law attorney can help you determine your child or children’s financial needs and the specific factors relevant to your case, thereby making a significant difference in the outcome of your child support case. Due to the unique factors in each individual case, it can be difficult to predict an amount with absolute certainty. You will meet personally with Mary Margaret Boyd for an in-depth discussion and analysis of your income and expenses, and what you might expect in your case.

Attorney Mary Margaret Boyd is also a trained mediator and, if you so desire, she will attempt to negotiate an agreement outside of court, so that neither parent will have to appear in court. That agreement between the parties can be entered as an Order of Court and administered by the Domestic Relations Office.

Modification Of Child Support

You may be entitled to modification of your current child support order if there has been a “material and substantial change in circumstances” since the date of the last order. Items to consider are existence of additional income, job loss without fault, worker’s compensation benefits, and unemployment compensation benefits, to name a few. A child for which child support was ordered may turn age 18 and graduate from high school. Or, simply, three years has passed since the date of the prior order, after which time you are entitled to a review with or without a change in circumstances.

Contact Attorney Mary Margaret Boyd to analyze whether your current support order should be adjusted to reflect changing financial or physical circumstances.