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Pittsburgh Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Too often, divorces turn into emotionally trying affairs, embroiling families in drawn-out and costly legal disputes. Fortunately, this is not the only option. The mediation process, instead, offers couples the opportunity to settle their differences in a comfortable environment presided over by Mary Margaret Boyd, a neutral mediation attorney and counselor.

I am Attorney Mary Margaret Boyd. For over 32 years, I have provided guidance to Pittsburgh couples through divorce and other family law issues. As a professional mediator, I help my clients obtain timely and mutually satisfying resolutions in their divorce, free from the stress and conflict of courtroom proceedings.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process through which you and your spouse meet together with Mary Margaret Boyd, an attorney, mediator, and counselor, to discuss the terms of your divorce, clearly defining the terms that are in dispute and working to reach a resolution that benefits you and your family. As a divorce mediator, I encourage couples facing divorce to contact me online for more information about this constructive and cost-effective alternative to divorce litigation. There are no retainer fees; simply pay as you go; never appear in court.

Mediation is not for everyone. This process is for individuals who wish to reach an agreement out of court in a cooperative atmosphere. Spouses must be willing to be involved with their divorce case and work to reach decisions regarding division of property, and if applicable, alimony, custody and child support, considering future financial arrangements that are in the best interests of everyone involved.

Skilled Mediator Offering Compassionate Guidance

Choosing a qualified mediator / attorney / counselor can best assure a successful, fair and legally knowledgeable mediation process. I am currently in active legal practice, representing clients in negotiated and litigated family law proceedings. Most importantly, with the additional career as a professional counselor, I bring empathy and a creative mind to the mediation process, resulting in new considerations for settlement to each party.

To learn more about alternatives to litigation in a divorce, including mediation, call me at 412-283-1000 or contact me online. I offer a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to all prospective clients.