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Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorney — Medical Malpractice Lawyer

I conduct my suburban Pittsburgh law practice with the goal of meeting the individual needs of clients and potential clients. I customize the legal advice and related counsel that I offer clients seeking assistance in any of the practice areas handled through my law offices. Many of my clients benefit from my rich and varied background in counseling psychology and accounting, in addition to my knowledge of family law, estate planning, probate, and personal injury.

I collaborate with a litigation attorney whose primary focus is personal injury. Our mutual aim is to get clients the answers and the help they need after a car accident or an injury occurring as a result of medical malpractice.

Before an Auto Accident Occurs: Ask for an Analysis of Your Current Insurance Coverage

Do you have full or limited tort coverage? Do you have uninsured and underinsured coverage? Are your first party benefits adequate to cover medical, dental, hospital and rehabilitation expenses? Take time now to make sure your coverage is the best for your situation. Schedule a free consultation to review your current auto insurance coverage. Contact The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd for more information.

After a Car Accident or an Injury Caused by Medical Malpractice, Contact The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd

After an auto accident or an injury caused by an emergency room error or surgical error, an injured individual benefits greatly from advocacy by an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer. At The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd, we help our clients pursue full compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and additional pain and suffering.

Clients soon learn that at The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd, we pay attention to specific aspects of Pennsylvania personal injury cases, no matter how small, in order to help them get the best possible settlement from an insurance company or a verdict in court.

After a car accident or if you believe you have been injured because of medical malpractice, follow the applicable “do’s” and “don’ts:”

  • Do get a medical evaluation, regardless of how you feel.
  • Do take notes, as applicable, regarding date, time, location, road conditions, weather, emergency room conditions, people involved, what was said before surgery, and other key aspects of the traffic accident or medical care-related injury.
  • Take pictures of injuries and, as applicable, wrecked vehicles.
  • Do get names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses, if possible.
  • Do call the police after a car accident and get the facts documented.
  • Do report a car accident to your insurance carrier as soon as possible.
  • Do call to request a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible at 412-283-1000.
  • Don’t make any statements at the scene of a car accident or in a health care setting concerning guilt or blame.
  • Don’t discuss a car accident with other drivers or their insurance carriers.
  • Don’t abandon the scene of a car accident.
  • Don’t sign any insurance papers or agree to a settlement until you get legal advice.

Medical Malpractice Injury in Allegheny County? Auto Accident? Lawyer Consultations Are Free at The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd

Initial consultations are free when you contact The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd. You will have the opportunity to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer in my South Hills office or in downtown Pittsburgh. If neither location is an option because you are in the hospital or incapacitated, ask for a consultation at a mutually convenient location.