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Pittsburgh Wills Lawyer

Every adult should have a Will to outline your intentions regarding your home, money, and other assets upon your death. No one, except you, should determine how your own assets are distributed after you die. Attorneys are trained to write Wills which accurately set forth your intentions and ensure that your wishes will be carried out. Having a Will can help ease the burdens of loved ones so they know your wishes are being properly carried out. A Will can also prevent complications of estate probate and administration. If you die without a Will, the courts will take control of your estate and distribute your assets according to the intestacy (without a Will) statutes.

At my suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, law firm, The Law Offices of Mary Margaret Boyd, I draw upon over 29 years of estate planning experience. I have extensive knowledge in drafting tailored Wills and Powers of Attorney for individuals throughout the Pittsburgh area, Allegheny County, and Washington County. When some of the most important decisions in your life have to be made, do not just hire any estate planning attorney. Make sure you hire an attorney who is compassionate toward your estate planning wishes and knowledgeable about how to legally fulfill them. Let me guide you through the will and estate planning process.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area or Allegheny County or Washington County, contact me for a free phone consultation about wills and powers of attorney. Call 412-283-1000 today for an experienced Pittsburgh estate planning  lawyer.

The Benefit of Wills

Keep in mind that a “Will” is different from a “Living Will.” A Living Will, called a Health Care Directive in Pennsylvania, sets forth your wishes regarding the withholding or withdrawal of all medical treatment and procedures, in the event that your are incapacitated or terminally ill. A Will is a legally executed document that determines how your assets and liabilities are to be handled after you die. There are numerous benefits to having a Will drafted. For instance:

  • A Will can determine who inherits your assets/property.
  • A Will allows you to name a guardian for any minor children.
  • A Will can, in some cases, reduce estate taxes.

Powers of Attorney

You may have heard of this estate planning tool before. A Durable Power of Attorney is an essential legal document that assigns financial decisions to someone else in the event that you are not able to do so. A Durable Health Care Power of Attorney can allow the designated party to make health care decisions on your behalf. I can prepare a Durable Power of Attorney and a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney for you.

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